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Here are some resources that may help you:

Free Adoption Book
So I Was Thinking About Adoption is a book you can access with a free download. It is short and shares more about your options in adoption.

Open Adoption App
Download the Open Adoption App for your smartphone. There is lots of information, waiting families, and more!

Birth Mother Blessings
Learn how you can receive some of the basic necessities of life, such as towels, sheets, clothes, and more as a Lifetime Birth Mother. We want to help and bless you!

View Families Ready to Adopt
See Lifetime’s waiting, pre-screened adoptive families. You can read all about them, watch videos and even send them a message.

Birth Mother Scholarship Program
Are you interested in continuing your education? Learn more about adoption scholarships for birth mothers.

Birth Mother Blog
New information every week that can help you as you consider adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption
Learn the answers to many common questions from pregnant women or others considering adoption.

We care about you, and we are committed to helping you in whatever way we are able as you consider the decisions before you.
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fifteen and pregnant thank you for contacting us

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