Questions Answered

Here are some questions that we get asked a lot here at Fifteen and Pregnant about teen pregnancy, a missed period, and a positive pregnancy test. You might find the answer to your pregnancy question here!


Q: My breast are getting sore and tender, does that mean that I’m pregnant?

A: Not always, if you get other symptoms such as nausea, cravings, and a missed period, take a pregnancy test. Having tender breasts may also mean that your breasts are growing, or that your period is coming.


Q: Is it possible to get pregnant on your period?

A: Yes it is, a period is no contraceptive and you should always use protection no matter what! Many women have gotten pregnant while on their period so be careful!


Q: If my boyfriend uses the “pull out” method, can I still get pregnant?

A:Yes, you can. There is pre-cum that has sperm in it which can make you pregnant. Always use some sort of contraceptive such as birth control and/or a condom. The pull out method is not the safest way to avoid pregnancy while having sex.


Q: Can taking birth control pills prevent pregnancy if you take them AFTER sex?

A: No. Although we are not medical professionals here at Fifteen and Pregnant, we do know that birth control pills take a few weeks to kick into your system (depending on the birth control). But even some of them only work if you are using them as a cycle. Plan B is what you might be wondering about. That is what works after sex. But birth control doesn’t…it helps prevent pregnancy from when you do have sex.


How to tell people you're pregnantQ: I found out recently that I am pregnant. My parents know but my boyfriend doesn’t. I know I need to tell him but he has a bad temper and I’m scared. What do I do?

A: Sit him down with your parents and tell him. That may help him be more calm and not mad at you. Just be strong and do what you need. Have you talked to your parents about how to go about telling him? They may have some good tips.


Q:  My boyfriend and I have been having sex a lot the past few weeks and I’ve been really thirsty, peeing a lot and tired…is there any way I could be pregnant? My period was on time.

A: Most likely not. Missing your period is the most reliable sign of being pregnant. Other symptoms include tender breasts, cramping, and morning sickness. Sometimes your body will need more water, which makes your crave more water. So you should be fine but if you’re really worried about it, then go take a pregnancy test.


Q: My period is late and I have been getting all my normal menstrual symptoms. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative so I’m not pregnant and I had unprotected sex but it was only for a few minutes and we didn’t climax. So what’s happening?

A: Sometimes this will happen and women’s bodies will skip a month, if you want to get it all checked out then go see your doctor just to make sure, but this can happen sometimes.


Q:  I just told my boyfriend that I am pregnant and he said if its true, he’s going to leave me. We got in a huge fight because I think that’s so ridiculous and immature of him and he said he wants nothing to do with the baby. I am so scared to lose him and/or the baby. What do I do? I’m so stressed and scared!

A: Talk to him about adoption maybe and how he would feel about that. If he’s not willing to be with you through a pregnancy and maybe even your child’s life, then he may bail out on any other big events in your life, he doesn’t sound trustworthy.  But really talk it over with him and ask him what his reasoning is. Be strong and don’t let him force you into making any choice you don’t want to. It’s your body and your baby too so be smart.