Could I Be Pregnant?

Are you fifteen and worried that you may be pregnant? Or maybe you’re 14 or 16, it really doesn’t matter your age with something like this. If you are or might be pregnant, you are probably pretty freaked out. So just know that this site is for you, to ask questions, get answers and resources to help you through.
I bet you have lots of questions and have no idea where to begin. First question really is: “Am I pregnant?!” Well here’s what I can share about that. It is impossible to determine if you are in fact pregnant over the internet or by telephone. People can tell you their opinion, but it’s just that. Only way to say for sure if you are pregnant is to see a doctor. Hey I know, you don’t want anyone to know… but the truth is, you have to go to a doctor, no matter what.

So second thing is telling people that you are pregnant. Hmm, that’s a big one, but you can do it… you are a lot stronger than you might think. And really you just need to get some facts in order and stay calm. If you have facts or information about your choices, and what is best for you, your baby, and your present situation you will be set to talk. OK, so staying calm… that means not yelling, cause whoever you are telling about your unplanned pregnancy is probably going to take the news as a shock, kinda like you did. Once you know that your parents and boyfriend might be shocked, then it can be easier to see where they are coming from. So make sure when you sit down to talk, it is someplace where you won’t get interrupted. The conversation might need to be a short one at first so everyone can let the shock wear off.
Don’t forget to check out this online due date calculator… it can answer some questions you may have. For info on your pregnancy options at this point, please give us a call or text at


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