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A Letter from Eric & Michelle


We are a fun-loving family who looks forward to adopting and welcoming our next child into the family. We believe strong family values are the foundation for a great life. We can’t wait to make memories with our next child. We have lots of fun activities planned such as playing in our yard together, visiting the pool in the summer, going sledding in the winter, and camping. We will provide your child with a lifetime of unconditional love and support.

About Us

We married thirteen years ago. We are a happy and calm parenting team and look forward to growing our family once more through the miracle of adoption. Our seven-year-old son, Hunter, joined us through adoption and it has been such a blessing in our lives.  As a family, we enjoy playing sports in the backyard and playing fun/ funny board games in the evening. Our home boasts supportive parenting, beautiful country living, and a kind sibling for your child to bond with.  We will be there for your child and ensure they can confidently pursue happiness and any goals they dream of.  We look forward to the opportunity to teach your child to be adventurous and explore the world around them.

Eric, by Michelle

Eric is caring, smart, and witty. My favorite thing about Eric is that when he smiles at you, he means it. He always makes time to read with our son every day and takes him on adventures around the countryside to learn new things. Eric enjoys spending time with our son, playing roller hockey, riding bikes, and grilling. He cannot wait to engage his super dad skills with our next child and looks forward to teaching them how to ride a bike and rollerskate as well! He is in the Air Force, he joined young and will be completing his military career soon. Settling down here in Virginia and starting a civilian career is his exciting new adventure that he is really looking forward to.

Michelle, by Eric

Michelle is clever, funny, and family-focused. She loves with everything she has, never holds back, and takes great pride in being a stay-at-home mom. She is currently homeschooling our son and loving the opportunity and all the fun adventures it brings.  Michelle loves camping, beekeeping, cooking, gardening, bike riding, and exploring the DC area attractions. Outside of the home, Michelle works as a home station medic for the Air Force Reserve one weekend a month and is a volunteer public health instructor for a non-profit university. The university serves low-income women of impoverished countries, so Michelle really enjoys being a part of it. She cannot wait to raise and play with our next child. I know she is excited to share her love of gardening with them.


Our Son, Hunter

We were blessed to adopt our son Hunter when he was 4 years old. He is now almost 8 years old and thrilled to become a big brother! He is very smart, curious, very social, and connects with people easily. He connects with a wide age range of kids and loves to read, swim, play sports and be goofy with his cousins and friends.  We send his birth parents updates and always speak very highly of them with Hunter so he can grow up to be proud of his adoption story.

Our Pets

We have a cat, hens, and honeybees. Our cat was rescued from an animal shelter, she is very sweet and trustworthy around children. The chickens are fun to watch and give us fresh eggs to enjoy every day while the bees keep our garden blooming and share sweet honey with us, such a tasty treat!

Our Home in Virginia

Our home is located in the beautiful Virginia countryside. Our house is four bedrooms, which provides plenty of room for our growing family and for visiting family, while outdoors we enjoy all the space we need for playing and country living. Our home is where we spend quality time together whether it be cooking, playing outside, reading books, or doing science experiments. Our property has a creek, garden and is shaded with lush trees making it a great place to enjoy on sunny days. We are also within walking distance of our town’s center as well as the park, post office, general store, our church (which offers a really nice children’s program), and friends’ houses. We enjoy the community of friends and family both in Church and otherwise.

Our town offers stellar parks, a roller skating rink, pool, children’s sports program, and a children’s theater. Your child will have grandparents, and cousins right down the street to enjoy movie nights, family dinners, and playtime with.

Our Promise

As experienced adoptive parents, we promise to honor your wishes by giving your child a great life. We will provide a safe and nurturing home with opportunities for your child to pursue their life goals. We believe that unconditional love is doing what is best for children and we promise to always put their needs first. We are open to any level of contact that the birth family desires. We genuinely hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Eric & Michelle

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Our EducationMasters in Emergency ManagementMasters in Nutrition
Our ProfessionsAir ForceStay at home mom
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More About Our Family

We put ourselves through college and understand how difficult it is to complete without the financial backing. We have made arrangements to ensure your child will have funding for college available. We are proud to be a military family. Ensuring the next generation can live in a free country is important to us.

Our Faith

As an infertile couple, we looked to God for help. God gave us the strength to find our way. We know we have God to thank for the miracle of adoption and hope with all our hearts that he blesses us once again.

Our Musical Interest

We enjoy a variety of genres. Eric has a great singing voice. Our community offers music classes to help introduce children to music. We look forward to giving our children opportunities to explore their musical interests.

About Our Family

Eric and Michelle have a total of 6 siblings. We often have visits from local family members, especially young cousins and grandparents. We love that our home has become a gathering place for our loved ones. Your child will have plenty of young cousins to play with. We also have family in California, Alaska, Virginia, Nevada, and Missouri whom we visit regularly. We love to spend time together, creating lasting memories.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 5 years old.


Yes, we are open to twins.


We are open to any gender.

Sibling Group

Yes, we are open to a sibling group with the oldest up to 5 years old.

In Closing

We are a supportive and healthy family who believe in treating one other with kindness. We believe raising children is a privilege for which we will never take for granted. Having a family is our dream and we know not everyone gets to have one. We are so fortunate to have the health and financial stability to offer your child a great life. We are open to any level of contact that you desire.

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