A Letter from Eric & Kimberly

Hello from small-town Oregon! We’re a couple who shares an energetic approach to life, Christian values, and a love for travel. (We travel any chance we get!) Our family loves seeing the country, going to the zoo, growing in faith, time with loved ones, and down time at home. We’d love to grow our family through adoption and share our lives with your child. We also welcome ongoing contact with you, if you’d like. We hope to get to know you!

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Our Story

How we met: We met through a youth bowling league. Instantly we became best friends, and a year later we finally started dating. Now we have been together 10 years, married for 6 years, and we’re still inseparable best friends.

We enjoy:

RV Camping: We love road trips together!
Traveling: We like to take the RV out every other weekend, and we also do longer trips a few times a year, including a 10-day vacation to somewhere new.
Family-friendly activities: Horseback riding, crafts, baking, painting, museums, parks, the zoo, golfing or mini-golf, and more!
Holidays: We make holidays and birthdays BIG and magical, with special experiences or handmade extras.
Reunions with friends: Every year we go with friends to a cabin, for Eric’s birthday! We’ve been doing this since we graduated high school and love catching up with each other.

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly is a stay-at-home mom and also part-time as owner and manager of her family rental business.

According to Eric: Kimberly is loving, caring, compassionate, driven, and strong. She’s goes out of her way to help people. She’s a creative mom who always has something fun to do or make with the girls.

Kimberly likes:
• Making crafts and baking
• Singing (and dancing with the kids!)
• Bowling (it’s my favorite sport!)
• Animals (especially if she can help rescue a stray!)

Fun Fact: My hobby is finding coupons and discounts, for fun (the savings are great too!).

Meet Eric

I am a tractor mechanic who goes on service calls around the area. I spend most of the summer out in fields fixing tractors!

According to Kimberly: Eric is hard-working and always comes home with a smile. He is kind, giving, strong, and loving. Eric is very handy too and always ready to help someone in need. He’s an amazing husband and father!

Eric likes:
• Hunting and target shooting
• Bowling with friends
• Working on cars
• Road trips to monuments, parks or historical places

Fun Fact: My friends call me Mr. Fix-it (Kimberly says I can fix almost anything!).

Our Daughters

Abigail is 4 years old, very creative and imaginative, patient, and has a huge heart. Madelyn is 2 years old, full of energy, has a strong personality, sweet, and loves to cuddle. Kimberly has enjoyed homeschooling Abigail for pre-K, and Madelyn enjoys the lessons too. Both girls are excited about adding a sibling to our family!

As a family we enjoy:
• Board games
• Art projects
• Getting outside to swim, hike, or play at the park
• Arcade games

Our Home in Oregon

We live just outside of a small town in the country, off a peaceful private road on almost 2 acres. Most of our neighbors have farm animals, and one day we’d love to have some too. We love to enjoy the scenery here, and enjoy hiking and camping to different water falls, flower gardens, and parks. There are also great places to go off-roading and float down rivers! And, Oregon is perfect to explore in the RV.

Our house has 4 bedrooms, with a playroom and a nursery ready to be decorated once we adopt. We love barbecues and bonfires in our large backyard. We have a pool, a playset, and a basketball court too.

Our Dogs: We have 3 small dogs who are amazing with the kids. Geordi and Quinn are our Chihuahuas, Augie is our Dachshund-mix.

Our Promise

We try to parent our children with love and understanding, patience, and open communication. We will put all of our children first, raise them with Christian values, and teach them to be kind, work hard, and know their worth. We promise to support your child’s interests and goals, and will provide every opportunity for the education or tools to get there.

We will always speak highly about you and create a safe place for your child to talk to us about anything. We will also honor the kind of relationship you want with us! We’re happy to share updates, videos, photos, texts, and visits, if you’re comfortable.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With love, Eric & Kimberly

Learn More About Eric & Kimberly

  Eric Kimberly
Our EducationHigh SchoolSome College in Business & Accounting
Our ProfessionsTractor TechnicianOwner & Rental Property Manager
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Eric & Kimberly's Favorites
Childhood MovieBrave Little ToasterLion King
Outdoor ActivityHuntingSwimming
Vacation DestinationMount RushmoreMaui, Hawaii
Place to Go CampingMount Rushmore KOAHoover Campground & Pacific City
DessertPumpkin PieMint Chip Ice Cream
BookLord of the RingsThe Magic Tree House series, and The Love Dare
More About Our Family
Our Values

FAITH: We try to model God’s love in our lives, and we attend church where Kimberly grew up.

EDUCATION: We believe it’s important to prepare our children for the future. We will provide a private Christian education for our kids, and have already planned college funds for our kids.

FAMILY: Our commitment is to raising our children in a stable, happy home where they can thrive and become who they are meant to be!

Why We Want to Adopt

Adoption has been on Kimberly’s heart for a long time, before we even met. When we were dating, we talked about having a large family and adopting one day. We love being parents and feel God has led us to adoption. We’re excited about this path to grow our family!

Extended Family

We have a large, loving family. Eric is one of 8 siblings! Kimberly’s family is smaller and often comes with us on RV trips. Her mom watches our girls when Kimberly is working. Eric’s mom lives on 11 acres with sheep, goats, and chickens, so it’s fun to feed the animals when we visit. His dad’s side enjoys swimming and barbecues. Our whole family is excited we want to adopt!

Favorite Family Traditions

• Seeing Christmas lights at the Zoo and the Flower Garden Light Display.
• On Christmas Eve we light candles and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, around a homemade birthday cake.
• Spending Fourth of July at Kimberly’s Grandfather’s beach house. We love watching fireworks off the deck!
• Every September we rent next-door cabins with Kimberly’s parents, enjoying swimming, mini-golf, trail walks, and our favorite restaurants.
• Kimberly cherishes her weekly one-on-one mommy-daughter dates with each of our girls.
• Eric loves teaching our kids to fish!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 2 years old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 years old

In Closing

We're so thankful to be considered as a possible family for your child! If it's alright with you, we would welcome the chance to get to know you and to stay in touch after the adoption. We are excited and ready to grow our family and believe we've been called to adopt! We're easy to talk with and will happily answer any questions. It would be a blessing to meet you, if you're comfortable, and hear about the life you're hoping to give your baby through adoption.

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