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A Letter from Tim & Sarah

Hello from New Hampshire!
We’re so excited you’ve landed here. Your baby is so special, and we would be thrilled and honored to welcome you both into our lives! We just love being a family and spending as much time together as possible doing everyday things. We can’t wait to open our hearts to you both and share visits at your comfort level!

About Us

We met through mutual friends in July 2011, began dating six months later, and got married in October 2012. It’s been a joy to build our life together ever since! We were blessed with our first child, Lauren, in September 2014 and our second, William, in January 2019. Adoption has been in Sarah’s heart since childhood, but now the whole family can’t wait to welcome a new member through adoption!

We share a passion for the simple life! We love waking up early and sitting side by side with our coffee and devotions while the sun rises and the birds sing. We enjoy doing the dishes together after dinner while the kids pick up their toys; it gives us a chance to visit!

As a family, we love to:

  • Eat meals together (we all love good food!)
  • Bounce on the trampoline
  • Go for walks and family errands
  • Sing in the car
  • Tell silly stories
  • Make pizza for Friday family movie night

We often talk about how much more fun it will be when we’re a family of five!

What Sarah Thinks About Tim

Tim is the most genuine, kind, patient, and affectionate father and husband. He works hard to provide for us and prioritizes time at home with all of us together. He makes us all laugh and has this incredible ability to come up with ridiculous stories on the spot for our kids (voices and sound effects included) and often has us all in stitches. Sometimes I have to beg him to stop because I nearly pee my pants! Tim is always his genuine self no matter what. What you see is what you get! He’s a devoted follower of Jesus and prays for his whole family daily, including our next child.

Some of Tim’s hobbies/interests include:

  • Scale modeling – he’s really artistic and creative!
  • History – he knows so much and often listens to podcasts while he works.
  • Music – he regularly plays drums and bass for our church’s worship team.

I know he is excited to share all of this and more with our next child!

What Tim Thinks About Sarah

Even before we were married, Sarah has wanted to adopt an entire household full of children. That’s her heart! She has been praying for your baby for years now and is thrilled that we are now on this journey to adopt. She is a wonderfully loving and caring mother to our children and will continue to be for yours! Sarah truly makes our house a home and teaches me every day what it means to be thankful. Our kids are so precious to her, and you can tell by how much time she spends with them and for them. She is a true mama bear!

Sarah truly enjoys spending her time:

  • Making and organizing lesson plans for homeschooling
  • Planning and making delicious meals
  • Cleaning and maintaining our home
  • Writing letters and cards to friends and family (she is known for this!)
  • Serving as hospitality leader for the ladies Bible study at our church

Our Kids

Lauren is our sweet eight-year-old daughter. She loves art, reading, and babies!! She is already an amazing big sister and is incredibly patient with her younger brother even when he is pestering her. We know she can’t wait to read to another little sibling and make him or her laugh with her expressive faces and voices!

William is our 100% boy three-year-old son. He is passionate about basketball and not much else (except food, maybe!). We know he will be an affectionate big brother. We’ve been amazed to see how gentle he becomes around babies and know he is thrilled to share some of his many toys with a baby brother or sister.

Our Beloved New Hampshire Home

Our sweet four-bedroom home has a special story we hope to share with you someday.

The backyard is shaded by several huge old trees, including a huge sugar maple that we can tap in the spring!  Tim enjoys tending our little garden, and Sarah loves hanging laundry on the line or watching everything from the kitchen window. The kids love playing on the swing set or trampoline and sledding on our little hill in the winter.

Our kids have the whole upstairs to themselves, with plenty of room for three! We have all the baby furniture ready and look forward to getting it all set up!

Our Promise to You

As parents, we know how important it is for children to feel safe, valued, and loved. This is what we can promise your child. We are committed to helping your child establish a personal relationship with God and a deep-seated knowledge of his or her great worth.

Parenting is a constant opportunity to learn and grow along with our children, and we can promise to devote ourselves to learning and growing along with your child. Each child’s story and needs are unique, and we believe God will continue to equip us with the resources, wisdom, and grace required to help him or her flourish.

We would love the honor of walking this journey with you and establishing an ongoing relationship at a level you are comfortable with. You will always be valued and loved, just as your child will be.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Tim & Sarah

  Tim Sarah
Our EducationA.S. in Business AdministrationA.S. in Accounting
Our ProfessionsCarpenter (self-employed)Homemaker
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Tim & Sarah's Favorites
Christmas TraditionOpening one gift on Christmas EveOpening stockings on Christmas morning
Way to RelaxWritingJournaling
DessertDirt cakeCheesecake
ChoreWatering the gardenDoing laundry (especially hanging it on the clothesline!)
Childhood toyLegosAmerican Girl doll Molly
Month of the yearMay (birthday month and "almost-summer" feeling!)October (fall foliage and activities)
More About Our Family
Fun Facts

-We started dating on the 13th, we were engaged on the 13th, we got married on the 13th, and our first child was born on the 13th - all by chance!

-Tim served in the US Coast Guard and was stationed in Alaska for 2 1/2 years. His unit was even featured on the TV show Coast Guard Alaska!

-Sarah had fun traveling to nine different countries throughout Europe but definitely loved Ireland (where everyone looked like her relatives!) the best and would love to go back someday!

Our Extended Family and Church Family

Tim is the baby of five siblings and grew up in the city we live in. His parents and siblings all live locally, so we get to see them a lot for birthdays, sports games, holidays, etc.

Sarah has one younger brother and grew up in a tight-knit family of four a few towns over. Her mom passed away from cancer in 2016, but her dad and brother still live locally and are a regular part of our lives.

We feel very blessed to have both families so involved in our lives, and they are all so excited to welcome a new little family member! This section would not be complete without mentioning our church family as well, as they have been a huge part of this journey so far through their encouragement and prayers. Your child will be lavished with love from all sides!

A Fun Family Tradition

Tim comes from a pretty big family. Every year (usually on the weekend after Thanksgiving), the whole clan heads north to a family friend's huge wooded property to find our Christmas trees! We usually have to chop down much taller trees and take just the tops off, so we make it a fun "competition" to see who can judge the nicest treetop Christmas tree! We then take a family photo with all of us and our trees, and it's fun to compare them year by year. We've been doing this since before Sarah was even pregnant with Lauren, and the family continues to grow... We hope your baby will be in the photo soon! Later on, once we're all home, we have a family texting thread and share pictures of our decorated trees. It's really fun.

Our Faith - the Reason We Live

We were both raised in Christian homes and have a solid foundation, but we have also continued to grow in our faith as we have seen God work in our lives to show us He is there - both in the big things and the little things. We believe beyond a doubt that He has both put the desire to adopt in our hearts and also paved the way for us to be here, ready and waiting for whatever child is meant to become part of our family. We trust Him completely and know He's got you as well!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to two years



In Closing

Once again, we're so glad you landed on our profile and hope you will reach out to us through Lifetime. Our whole family is excited to share their love and joy for the simple, family, and faith-centered life with your child. We are open to pictures, letters, visits - whatever you are comfortable with. No matter what, we know God has a purpose and a plan for both your life and your baby's life. We're excited to be a part of it!

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