A Letter from Steve & Krista

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing our love with you and your baby. We have one little boy, Elias Blake, who was born on Thanksgiving day 2018.

We are open to pictures, letters, and visits to whatever degree you are comfortable with. We promise to raise your child with unconditional love, help them discover what they love doing, and empower them to make their own wise choices as they grow up.


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About Us

We met at a Bible school for children in our hometown and soon fell for each other. We started the adoption process 2 years after we got married and one year later Krista was pregnant. On Thanksgiving day Elias was born. There’s nothing we’d love more than to have a brother or sister for Elias.

Some things we love doing together include: visits to the park, walking downtown and visiting international restaurants, having quality time together with nice cups of coffee, or having a relaxing evening at home with a movie or books and home-made popcorn. We like to go on short weekend trips to the beach or a big city every now and then, plus a week-long vacation at least once a year. Some of our recent destinations have been Arizona, California, Mexico, and even Israel.

About Krista by Steve

Krista is my best friend and the best cook I have ever met! She is hospitable and loves to be with people. Her magnetic and genuine personality make others comfortable around her. She loves cats, music, good food and spending time with friends in town or having them over at the house. She is a loving mommy to Elias and will love and care for your child too. Her soft and caring heart make her wonderful mother. One of the things I love about her is her many funny voices she talks and sings with!

About Steve by Krista

Steve is a strong, steady, and loyal husband. He is concerned with the interests of others and has a kind and caring heart. He loves to learn, read books, and is on a college plan to get a degree in communications. Steve works with his brothers in a roofing company and is involved in management and sales. He enjoys working out, running Spartan races, playing volleyball, buying houses to fix up, and visiting coffee shops. One of the things I love about him is his desire to follow Jesus and to be a loving daddy.

Our Son, Elias

Elias is so much fun! He came to us on Thanksgiving day 2018. He is a very happy child and is often smiling and trying to talk already. We just love him so much and hope for a brother or sister for him soon.

Our Families:

Steve’s family:  I’m from a family of 11 children. We get together quite often and there are always lots of little cousins for our children to play with.

Krista’s family: I have 4 married sisters. We get together several times a year for holidays or vacation. Everyone loves our baby Elias and they will surely welcome another child in the family.

Pennsylvania; Our Home and Town

We live in a small historic city in eastern Pennsylvania with parks, a river, quiet streets, and a busy down-town. Our three story home has four bedrooms and is newly remodeled by Steve himself. We are only blocks away from a large county park with lots of deer and quiet nature walks. On the other side of town are large shopping centers and malls. We really have everything within a few miles. Although we both grew up in farm country, we have grown to love the city for its diversity, coffee shops, authentic restaurants, and yes, even the ice-cream truck music.

Our Promise

We promise to parent with love, support, and trust. We both value education and promise your child will grow in our home with an education that will empower them to discover their strengths, abilities, and find what gives them fulfillment and joy in life. We’ll teach them about God’s love, how to love others, and how to be responsible and respectful of others. We will give them the foundation to grow into the best they can be! They will grow up knowing about you and their adoption story. We promise to respect and value their background and culture and teach them, to the best of our abilities, where they came from. We promise that we will provide for them in the best way possible both physically and emotionally.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Learn More About Steve & Krista

  Steve Krista
Our EducationSome collegeHigh school
Our ProfessionsConstructionStay-at-home
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Steve & Krista's Favorites
Favorite FoodIndianThai
Favorite BookMere Christianity -CS LewisNon-fiction stories
Favorite City VisitedIstanbul TurkeyChiang Mai Thailand
Favorite Hot BeverageHome-made latteHome-made cappoccino
Favorite Movie GenreActionMusicals
Favorite GameUltimate FrisbeeCorn hole
Favorite PastimeReadingTime with friends
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both enjoy good international food, walking, running, fitness, and pursuing friendships. Steve enjoys obstacle course racing. Krista loves music- all kinds. We also have a cute Airbnb home in our town that Krista takes care of. Coffee is also very important, we like to sit together in the morning and drink our home-made lattes.

Our Faith

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing to us and we try to share it with everyone we know and meet by loving them and caring about them. The way we live our lives and the things we do is what defines our faith.

We both grew up in conservative backgrounds and were taught the values of family, friendships, and responsibility. We attend a small church where people of different backgrounds worship and learn together. Our family vision is to have a home where everyone is loved unconditionally and is secure in who they are.

Our Dreams

Krista- to have a little family and for Elias to have a brother or sister.
Steve- to teach our children important values of life.

We live in the state of


We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child



Boy or girl

Ethnicity of ChildAny ethnicity
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to future contact. Letters, pictures visits, we believe it would be healthy for our adopted child to know about their birth family and have some contact.

In Closing

We promise to love your child unconditionally and teach them the important values of life including relationships, wise choices, education, and a relationship with Jesus. We also commit to honoring and respecting you throughout your child's life by openly communicating their story with them from a young age. We welcome continued communication with you at a level that is most comfortable. Krista: One dream I have is to give my children many opportunities to pursue the things they are interested in. Steve: One dream I have is to teach my children to value differences in people. Elias: Would love a brother or sister to grow up with.

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