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A Letter from Chris & Amanda

We have an abundance of love to share and a strong desire to open our hearts and home to a child. We will lead by example to show the importance of compassion, integrity, and diversity. We will also teach your child about community and helping others. We believe education is key and that learning is lifelong. We will do everything to see that your child becomes their very best self. Thank you for considering us as parents for your baby. We would be honored to have the opportunity to connect with you.






About Us

It all started as a phone call set up by Amanda’s brother. We now have been married 14 years and are on an amazing journey together. Our lives are filled with fun and adventure. We enjoy traveling, concerts, cheering on our favorite teams, and visiting parks. We are animal lovers, so we often visit our local zoo and have two sweet dogs, Barkley and Baxter. We also take time to relax at home and watch movies, snuggle with the dogs, and cook together.

Adoption was in our plan even before knowing that we could not have children biologically. After serving as foster parents, our desire to adopt is stronger than ever. We are excited to become forever parents and share with a child the joys that family, community, travel, learning, and traditions bring. We will treasure each milestone from the first giggle to the first steps to college.

About Chris by Amanda

Chris is patient, kind, and the best listener. He finds strengths in others and uses those to help them succeed. This is what makes him an amazing teacher and friend. They will also make him an incredible dad!

Chris loves teaching music and is looking forward to playing all kinds of drums and keyboards with a little one. This will be a special time for them – plus, music helps babies grow and develop. Chris also enjoys movies and sports, retro video games, and the latest technology gadgets.


About Amanda by Chris

Amanda is caring, outgoing and organized. Arts & crafts and baking are two of her favorite things. She makes a new wreath for the front door each season and always has a project for every holiday. She has fond memories of baking with her grandmother and will be thrilled to have a helper of her own, so she can pass along the famous chocolate icing recipe.

Amanda will be an amazing mom! She is both strong and loving. The way she took care of our foster baby was truly inspiring.

Our Home in Alabama

Our home is the perfect size for a growing family. Everything is on one level, which is convenient. We have 3 bedrooms. The baby’s room already has a bookcase filled with books and a special spot to read stories together.

We have a yard, so there is plenty of space to play. Our neighborhood is friendly, diverse and filled with children. It is a great place to go for walks. We have parks close by with big playgrounds and splash pads. We don’t have long commutes, so we can easily arrive home to spend time together.

Our Family

We are blessed to have supportive family and friends who stand with us through all life’s moments. They live between minutes away to about 3 hours from us. We have a blast celebrating, taking trips and enjoying meals together. We cannot wait to surround a child with these amazing people! They bring such happiness and will be excellent resources due to their careers (teachers, doctors, engineers) and backgrounds (states, ethnicities, adoption).

We look forward to establishing traditions with your child and introducing ours like building gingerbread houses at Christmas, planting flowers at Easter, and fireworks on the 4th. We would love to learn about your traditions so we can pass those along too.

Our Promise

We promise to surround your child with unconditional love and support. We will provide a safe, nurturing home filled with joy and laughter. Your child will grow up knowing the importance of compassion and integrity. We will teach your child to dream big and remain persistent. We will also provide a solid education and world-renowned health care.

We promise to be open and honest about our adoption plan. If you would like letters, photos, and videos, we will happily share them. We are also open to visits. We promise that your child will know who you are and how much you love them. You are and will always be part of their life story. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.




Learn More About Chris & Amanda

  Chris Amanda
Our EducationBachelor of ScienceMaster of Science
Our ProfessionsPercussion Teacher (middle school, high school and college students)Alumni Engagement Coordinator (at a large university and academic medical center)
Stay-At-HomeNo - but has a flexible scheduleNo - but has a flexible schedule and 12 weeks paid parental leave
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Chris & Amanda's Favorites
Vacation spotBeach or the mountainsBeach - love the salt air and sound of the waves
FoodLasagna with garlic breadTie between mac & cheese and cheese dip
HolidayEaster Christmas
MovieStar Wars Steel Magnolias
TV ChannelThe Weather Channel and ESPNHGTV - Home and Garden
Cartoon CharacterPenguins of MadagascarSnoopy
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to explore new places - from the latest restaurant in town, to a city we have never been, to a theme park, and anything in between. We are fortunate that our jobs provide us with the opportunity to travel. Even better, we can tag on vacation time to these trips. Music is important to us as is being lifelong learners. We hope to pass along a love of learning and music starting by reading and singing together from day one. We also like to support our favorite teams by going to games. Plus, we highly value community, so we like to volunteer to help with various projects.

Our Faith

Christian – We believe God has a plan and path for each of us.

Our Home

Our home has plenty of room for a growing family and lots of space to play outside. Thanks to our time as foster parents, our house is already baby-friendly and meets all license standards. Our dogs, Barkley and Baxter, adore children and love to greet guests when they arrive.

Our Family

Our family is incredible! They are thrilled we are adopting and are already planning things they want to do with and for your baby. In addition to our family in the traditional sense of the word, we both have very supportive work families. We are both truly blessed that we have the pleasure of working alongside outstanding people who not only want us to be successful in our careers but want us to have work-life balance.

Our Musical InterestWe love music! From pop to classical to rock, we like it all. We have Amazon music, so we are constantly telling Alexa to play songs for us. Since Chris is the drummer and music teacher in the family, there is always seems to be a piece of percussion equipment in our family room. As for Amanda, she took piano lessons for years and enjoyed being in chorus. We cannot wait to play instruments for and sing lullabies to a little one.
We live in the state of...Alabama
Our NeighborhoodOur subdivision is quiet and our neighbors are friendly. There are many families and children of all ages and races. We live near world-renowned health care facilities (pediatrics and adult), nationally accredited childcare centers, incredible universities, and award-winning parks. Our area also provides many activities for children and families such as art, theater, music, sports, festivals, and dance.
We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 1 year


Absolutely! We have lots of love to share.



Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 4 years of age!

Ethnicity of ChildWe would be delighted to welcome a child of any ethnicity to our family.
Future Contact with Birth FamilyWe would like to keep in touch and share letters, photos and videos with you as your child grows. We are also open to visits if you are comfortable with those.
In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and we hope to speak with you soon. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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